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the actual animation needs work

I agree with what one of the last reviewers said, the characters look more like puppets or something. A lot of the time they just kind of stand there rigidly. And when Link jumps, he just kind of moves, doesn't bend his kness or anything. But the characters in general were very well drawn, you should just make them move more fluidly. And the voice acting was bad, a lot of the time it didn't even match up with the subtitles. Overall, good job though.

One of the funniest movies I've seen!

That was awesome! Sure, the graphics may have not been the best, but that excellent dialogue and jokes more than made up for it. It kept me laughing the whole way through, kudos to you. Loved Luke and his retarded laugh, poking everything with his screwdriver.

This has a much higher score than it should...

I can't understand why this series has a score so soundly in the mid 3's. It seems like its vastly overrated to me.

The graphics are very basic, and not anything that hasn't been done countless times before. It's basically just stick figures. Most of the "attacks" just look like a few random scribbles or ovals in different colors.

The comic book idea could have some potential, I suppose, if done perfectly right. But the lack of animation in this movie really hurts it. In the next one, episode 13, the scene starts looking at the sun, then a shifts in a few jumpy frames to the ground. It's really not that much more effort to just put a motion tween in there, and the result would look loads better. I mean, if you look at a comic book, you wouldn't see five different panels moving the view from the sky to ground. If you go for that style, you have to make every frame interesting and important, the way you did the "animation" here just looks horrible.

It's certainly not funny in the slightest, and the story is kind of predictable and boring. It could use some sound effects, more than just the little tune that plays at the beginning.

Meh, that's just my opinion though...

Jon-Mahashintina responds:

Thanx for your opinion. I don't know why it's scored so high either, it's just one of those mysteries of Newgrounds. I should probably explain about the animation. My very first flash movie was about Kashinnu. The graphics were very lacking and the animation was as few as this. It was for that reason i think that my friends liked it. So, for some strange reason, i wanted to experiment with music in flash, and i had some music that i thought would fit in perfeclty with Kashinnu. So i made this series. And keeping in style with the original i gave it the old frame rate and DBZ style storyline. I can animate fully but it does take up alot my time which i cant spare. I'm currently trying my luck with a different cartoon. It might be put up if all goes well.

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So simple, yet so awesome

This is, without a doubt, the single most addictive game ever. But I have broken my addiction, beaten the game, destroyed the ecosystem. It's a good feeling. But it is definetely in need of a pause button, and I cannot count the number of times I was killed by an AIM buddy window popping up suddenly, "Carl223485 has sent you a message. Do you accept?" DAMMIT! Click back! Click back! Yes! "GULP". NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

too simple

If you added more options, weapons, upgrades, varied levels, etc, it would be much better. Right now it just gets old real fast. Not bad though.

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